Partner Program

When you refer clients who are need of property management, you can be paid 25% of our revenue per referral. When our client wants to sell, we in turn refer them back to you.

Help your clients save up to 80% on property management

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Benefits of Partnership

Revenue Stream

When you partner with us, you receive part of all the revenue we receive from your referral. Depending on the size of the client's portfolio you can potentially earn thousands a month.


Investors often look to expand their portfolio and at many times when the time is right, many investors sell their properties. Whether our clients needs to buy or sell, we will always refer them back to our partners.

Happy Clients

With our modern approach to property management, we help clients save thousands of dollars every month. A happy client who is saving money, is more likely to invest it back into real estate. When they need to buy, again we send you the business.

Help Your Client Save Money & Time and Become Stress Free.

Property Management has not changed in decades, join us and help our mission to automate and refine this industry.